Poinsett Club Stained Glass Ornament


Formerly a private home, the Poinsett Club now hosts Greenville’s premier social events.

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The Poinsett Club was named for the SC Statesman, Joel R. Poinsett. Among many other titles, Mr. Poinsett held the position of Minister to Mexico. While in Mexico, he found a brilliant red plant, the now famous Christmas Poinsettia, which he brought back to SC. This former home was built in 1904 by Mr. Lewis Parker, and after WW1, it was the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Graham. Prior to its purchase by The Poinsett Club, it was the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Brawley. In 1926 the original Poinsett Club moved from the Coxe home on Main Street to the Marshall house on West Washington St. Its present address is 807 East Washington Street.