Proceedings and Papers of the Greenville County Historical Society 1979-1983, Vol. VII


by Greenville County Historical Society, ed. Albert N. Sanders



Papers: 1) “A History of the Greenville Water System from Its Inception to January 1, 1981” by John L. Hawkins. 2) “The Mansion House” by Henry Bacon McKoy. 3) “A History of Camp Greenville, 1912-1982” by Mrs. W. B. Mulligan. 4) “Genesis of an Up-Country Town” by Mrs. A. D. (Mary C. Simms) Oliphant. 5) “My Adventures with the South Carolina Tricentennial” by Loulie Latimer Owens. 6) “Greenville in the 1830’s” by Albert Neely Sanders. 7) “A History of Paris Mountain” by Robert C. Tucker. 8) “William Bates and the Batesville Community” by Mrs. David Ward.
Pub date: 1984