Proceedings and Papers of the Greenville County Historical Society 1991-1994, Vol X


by Greenville County Historical Society, ed. Jeffrey R. Willis



Papers: 1) “Vardry McBee: Summer Conversations” by Roy McBee Smith. 2) “Lawrence Peter Hollis” by Sam Stack. 3) “Greetings from Greenville, South Carolina: The Golden Age of Post Cards, 1900-1930” by Richard D. Sawyer. 4) “The Trial and Tragedy of Nomination: Clement F. Haynesworth, Jr. and the Senate Confirmation Process” by Henry O. Robertson, Jr. 5) “The Agricultural Life of Greenville County, 1850-1950” by Emory V. Jones. 6) “Jugtown, South Carolina: Its Potters and Their Stoneware” by Gary Thompson. 7) “A History of Publications in Greenville County” by Rhea T. Eskew. 8) “Building the Peace Center: Using Historic Spaces in New Ways” by Elizabeth Peace Stall.
Pub date: 1994.