Proceedings and Papers of the Greenville County Historical Society 1998-2005, Vol. XII


by Greenville County Historical Society, ed. Jeffrey R. Willis



Papers: 1) “The Reverend Alexander Mitchell: A Very Personal History” by William M. Gilfillin. 2) “General Waddy Thompson” by Jeffrey R. Willis. 3) “Elements of Early Community in Southeast Greenville County: 1775-1830” by Steve Richardson. 4) “Vardry McBee: The Founding Father of Greenville” by Roy McBee Smith. 5) “Thurston U. Vaughn and the Orphanage Scandals: ‘The Crime of the Century’ ” by Elizabeth Simpson Crosby. 6) “A History of the Jewish Community of Greenville, South Carolina” by Jack L. Bloom. 7) “Architecture without Architects: The Victorian Folk Cottage in Greenville” by Anna Kate Hipp. 8) “The Three Ages of Furman University” by Archie Vernon Huff, Jr. 9) “Charleston and Greenville: A Look at Some Historical Family Connections” by Mary Rutledge. 10) “A Taste of Greece in Greenville” by Nick Theodore. 11) “Every House Has Its Secrets” by Anne King McCuen. 12) “The Battle of the Great Cane Brake” by John B. McLeod.
Pub date: 2005.