Proceedings and Papers of the Greenville County Historical Society 1990-1991, Vol. IX


by Greenville County Historical Society, ed. Cheryl C. Whisnant



Papers: 1) “The Project” by Cecil Penelope Forrester. 2) “Prospect Hill: An Archeological Perspective on Greenville’s Beginnings” by Wesley Breedlove. 3) “A Nineteenth Century Diary of Greenville, South Carolina” by Laura Smith Ebaugh. 4) “Literary Culture in Mid-Nineteenth Century Greenville” by Alfred S. Reid. 5) “The Bench and Bar of Greenville in Antebellum Days” by Joseph H. Earle, Jr. 6) “The History of the Greenville City Fire Department” by Kathleen Browning. 7) “With Grace and Style: The Desegregation of the Greenville County Schools in 1970” by Betty Stall. 8) “South Carolina State Museum” by Roger Stroup. 9) History of United Ministries (Greenville Urban Ministry)” by Elizabeth L. Templeton.
Pub date: 1991.