That Little Laugh of Mine: The Life and Times of Annie Simons Porter


by Elizabeth Bennette Shackelford



This book presents poems and short stories written by Annie Simons Porter, the woman who managed the establishment and development of Greenville, SC,’s first public library, opened in 1921, as a result of efforts of Thomas Parker, among others. A short biography by local historian Judith Bainbridge provides interesting highlights of Porter’s life. She was born in post reconstruction Charleston and spent her childhood in the “wild West” and then Tennessee, in areas so remote that she had to be home schooled. After a short stint at a school for young ladies and at a women’s college, she trained as a stenographer in Savannah. She began writing poetry at the turn of the last century, followed her family to Greenville and was tapped to establish Greenville’s public library, where she worked tirelessly for more than 20 years. Pub date: unknown.