Noland’s Cherokee Diary: A U.S. Soldier’s Story from inside the Cherokee Nation


by Mildred E. Whitmire, editor

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The authentic account of the Cherokee Removal Treaty of 1835, as told in the diary of Lt. Charles Fenton Mercer Noland, Disbursing Agent, US Government for the Removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia, and parts of Tennessee, Alabama and North Carolina. The book contains Lt. Noland’s diary covering this event, the editor’s notes on the diary entries, an historical overview of the event, and an explanation of the individuals mentioned in the diary. Lt. Noland lived in the home of Chief John Ross’s brother and worked from October 1834 through March 1836 in the Cherokee Nation. His diary, giving first-hand information on the Removal and events leading up to it, reveals his sympathy with the Cherokees and their situation. Pub date: 1990.