Way Down Beside the Reedy River: A Centennial History of the Salvation Army in Greenville, SC 1888 & 1904-2004


by Raymond W. Kitchen



The Salvation Army, an international religiously oriented movement, was founded on the concept that people could be helped through a combination of religious belief and social work. The organization arrived in Greenville, SC, for a short period in 1888, but returned to stay in 1904, where it has since played an active role in the community. Accounts of Greenville’s Salvation Army’s efforts to establish social programs and clubs based on social needs at the time, and to find the buildings to house them, reveal fascinating glimpses of the life of ordinary people in Greenville as the city evolved over time. The author pieces together this centennial history of the organization by drawing upon summary reports of Salvation Army activities in Greenville, eyewitness accounts, local newspaper articles, and other historical records. Pub date: 2004.