Proceedings and Papers of the Greenville County Historical Society 1984-1990, Vol. VIII


by Greenville County Historical Society, ed. Alexandra F. Whitley



Papers: 1) “Captain Ellison Adger Smyth” by Choice McCoin. 2) “The History of Power Generation and Distribution in the Greenville Area” by Thomas B. Smith, Jr. 3) “Mauldin” by Mildred C. Hart. 4) “The Nullification Controversy in an Up-Country District” by J. Mauldin Lesesne. 5) “Charles A. David: Greenville Cartoonist and Writer” by Choice McCoin. 6) “U.S.O. History Greenville, S.C.” by Sam Francis. 7) “The Fighting Partisans of the Back Country” by Henry Lumpkin. 8) “The Historical Writings and Thought of Benjamin Franklin Perry” by David Moltke-Hansen. 9) “History of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office 1786-1986–200 Years of Service” by Johnny Mack Brown. 10) “The Life and Works of Elizabeth Allston Pringle” by Anne M. Blythe. 11) “Donaldson Center Industrial Air Park” by Leonard Todd. 12) “The Golden Grove Tea Farm of Junius Smith: Preliminary Findings” by J. C. Carbough. 13) “The History of Medicine in Greenville County” by John K. Webb, M.D. 14) “Main Street 1880-1980” by Yancey S. Gilkerson. 15) “A Brief, Highlight History of the Greenville Hospital System” by Dave Partridge. 16) “The Maxwells, A Pioneer Greenville Family” by A. Charles Cannon.
Pub date: 1990.