Proceedings and Papers of the Greenville County Historical Society 1994-1998, Vol. XI


by Greenville County Historical Society, ed. Jeffrey R. Willis



Papers: 1) “Broadcasting in Greenville: An Historical Perspective” by Norvin C. Duncan, Jr. 2) “Henry Pinckney Hammett: Pioneer, Revitalizer, Trend Setter” by Choice McCoin. 3) “The Red Bollings” by James F. Richardson. 4) “An Account of Greenville during the War Between the States and Reconstruction” by John B. McLeod. 5) “The History of Medicine in Greenville County” by George Mackey Grimball. 6) “George Salmon: Surveyor and Citizen” by Anne K. McCuen. 7) “The Dark Corner of Greenville County” by Anne H. Hendricks. 8) “William J. McGlothlin: Progressive Churchman and Educational Statesman” by A. V. Huff, Jr. 9) “Brig. Gen. Micah Jenkins: The Struck Eagle” by James J. Baldwin III. 10) Brushy Creek: The Alexander McBee Country Home” by Roy McBee Smith.
Pub date: 1998.